Step 1: Buy ETH
You can do this on the Coinbase website or other exchange using a credit card. It takes a while to set up the account because you have to submit your ID and credit card details. It can take overnight. DO NOT SEND ETH TO THE SMART CONTRACT FROM THE EXCHANGE!!!

Step 2: send ETH to your Wallet
You will need a wallet for the ETH and MNL you will be buying. We recommend because it is an ERC-20 compatible wallet. You will need to transfer the ETH you bought on the exchange to your wallet. It only takes about 15 minutes tops for this step. Now that you have ETH in your account balance, you are ready to buy you MNL tokens.

Step 3: Buy MNL tokens
The final step is to send the ETH to the MoonLite smart contract. Go to the Send Ether & Tokens link and enter the address of the smart contract into the “To Address” field: 0x3e92a4e66be26e6be8632d2b5d8856b1ef5c7c63
ICO requires a minimum recommended “Gas Limit” of 200000.
Select the amount to send and click “Generate Transaction”.
Once the transaction is generated, click “Send Transaction”.
You’ll be prompted with a confirmation window.
Click the “Yes, I am sure! Make a transaction” button.
A green bar will pop up at the bottom of the screen confirming that the transaction has been broadcast to the network. That’s it!

WARNING: Please Send ETH only from your personal Wallet.
If you send ETH from an exchange to our Smart Contract, you will not receive your tokens. This is because when you send ETH from an exchange, the exchange sends the transaction from their pool of ETH, not an address specifically linked to you. When the smart contract sends the tokens back to the address you paid with, it sends it back to the exchange’s pooled address so you don’t receive your tokens. That’s why you must send from an address you control, not an exchange address. It is recommended you use an ERC-20 compatible wallet (such as because the MNL token is an ERC-20 token and you will need a wallet that is capable of interacting with these tokens. Some wallets are not made to handle the ERC-20 Token Standard.