SAP Expands Using Blockchain Supply Chain

SAP expands using blockchain supply chain. The multinational software company is planning on using blockchain supply chain technology for its agricultural supply chains – Farmer to Consumer.

Collaborators like Johnsonville, Naturipe Farms and Maple Leaf are joining the consumer initiative project.

Zube blogged concerning the project, saying:

“The Farm to Consumer project perfectly showcases a common pattern we see in many of our blockchain projects. Cross-company collaboration along complex value chains fir which the technology can remove abundant process steps and friction and establish automated trust”

SAP will join the blockchain supply chain technology into its established Global Track and Trace system as an added complimentary part to core processes that creates one shared view on the data from all conteibuting stakeholders.

Zube said that the enhanced blockchain supply chain technology will allow companies to track origin of consumables, enter offerings and requests, execute and authenticate transactions.

SAP revealed partnership with Swiss supply chain startup to expand its supply chain venture. SAP plans to provide more information on the partnerships pilot projects in June 2018.

Zube is extremely enthusiastic about blockchain supply chain technology could potentially reconfigure current food industry production models.

Zube explained:

“If enterprises can access the complete version of product history. This could result in a shift from a central unilateral supplier-led production to a consumer demand-led supply organised by a consortium of peers”

Zube predicts that traditional type chains will be replaced by sharing of data governance, resources, processes and practises and lead to joint learning opportunities.

These projects aren’t the only blockchain ventured that SAP has done. The company previously launched a “blockchain co-innovation initiative” that would explore distributed business processes that use peer-to – peer networks. It is also a member of Spain ‘s Alastria consortium, which focuses on company to company data share and Blockchain in Trucking Alliance.

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