Business Update: Quarter 1 of 2020

Dear Token Holder,

It is with great excitement that we now release a performance update for our first complete financial quarter, Q1 of 2020.

The MoonLite Project has achieved a first quarter Revenue of USD 781,736.01 with EBITDA standing at USD 205,013.53 or 24.88% after mining a total of 93.46 BTC.

The total accumulated Token-Holder Benefit at 31 March 2020 stands at USD 91,705.20 and is reserved for distribution in accordance with our Return on Capital Investment (ROI) Policy, constituting around 39,98% of total dividends paid and/or attributable to token holders of tokenised mining companies, Globally.

Another fun fact, MoonLite has as of end March 2020, generated more than 72% of the global mining revenue from tokenized mining companies, after just 4 months. 

The Project has recovered 15.56% of the total capital allocated to Phase 1 (ROI) at 31 March 2020 and expects to will be in the position to announce the salient information for a planned dividend distribution at the end of June 2020.

In order to finalise the dividend yield in a separate announcement, the team will be taking into account the relatively stable difficulty level experienced in the first quarter, and projections for the next quarter as the after-effects of the bitcoin halving that occurred on 11 May 2020 are revealed.

We expect that there will be a significant hash-rate drop-off due to a large number of older generation ASIC miners such as the Avalon A841 and Antminer S9’s being turned off due to non-profitability.

It is our opinion that mining difficulty levels will be significantly reduced, and we will see a sharp increase in the Bitcoin price over time. Furthermore, we believe that only the companies and mining houses who are correctly configured in terms of capita, operating price points, and the type of equipment used will be poised to take advantage of the improving market factors while washing inefficient companies out of the market.

We are excited to share this news, and look forward to providing further updates on our business. Please see additional information below.

Yours in Mining,

Phase 1 Breakdown:
Q1 of 2020December'19
Installed Miners (SHA256)13001300
Hashrate at 100%65,000 Th/s
65 Ph/s
65,000 Th/s
65 Ph/s
Energy Rating4,22 MW (+-10%)4,22 MW (+-10%)
% of Planned Deployment Completed +-33% +-33%
Mined Currencies BTC - 100%
BTC - 100%

Production Figures:
Q1 of 2020December'19
Total Mined Currency (Represented in BTC)93.4629,24
Average Conversion Price$8,364.72*$7,410.76
Operating Costs$507,722.48$144,188.68
Gross Profit$274,013.53$72,501.32
Overhead Costs (Non-Operational)$69,000$15,500.00
Net Profit %24.8826.31
Benefit to Token Holders from Current Period$71 754,74$19,950.46
Running Benefit to Token Holders$91,705.20
Retrun on Capital Investment (ROI %)15.563.38
*This is the figure derived from an average of each months' average BTC conversion price. For indicative purposes only

Notable Items:

1. We run our business in EUR, but for the sake of maintaining a universal reporting standard we report in USD. All figures are rounded DOWN.

2. We have NOT kept the 25% 'long term appreciation allocation' in crypto as per the white paper. We have not yet got the staff to manage this trading yet, hence we believed it better to convert 100% to fiat.

Debrief & Comments:

Our production and financial metrics for our first full quarter have been very positive. As a business we are responsible for producing close to 40% of the combined global token holder benefit, and represent more than 72% of the global tokenised mining revenue, in just 4 months!

This quarter saw some stability both in price and difficulty, when averaged out over the period. There was a 9.7% drop in BTC price and a minor difficulty jump from 13.3T to 13.913T representing only a 4.61% increase.

During this time however, we did see some volatility in price which went as high as $10,361 and as low as $4,944 while difficulty fluctuated between 13.03T - 16.55T in the middle of the reporting period.

During the month of March, our team held onto the mined BTC for the longest time on record (19 days) in order to trade out of a severely low BTC price period, which was successfully done at around $6,700.

We will continue with a cautious approach to business and financial management in the coming quarter, in which halving will occur. We will hope to see a hash-rate drop-off and a price increase, but we will certainly be able to gauge the market post-halving and make a sound decision regarding the distribution of dividends in the next 1-2 months.
Start Price 8639,599388,887179,967542,24
End Price6483,748778,479388,887251,28
Change %-24,96-6,5032,94-3,86
Start Difficulty15,487T15,466T13,3T12,973T
End Difficulty13,913T15,487T15,5T12,949T
Change %-10,160,1416,54-0,18