Dividend Announcement : Q2

Dear Token Holders,

We are proud to announce our first round of dividends, for Q1 and Q2 of 2020. We will be distributing these dividends in line with our white paper and the information contained in our inaugural report.

  1. Screenshots of the token holdings was conducted on 03 November 2020 at 14H00 CET.
  2. Total Profit Share: $37,681.44
  3. Total Eligible Tokens: 23,630,239.565MNL
  4. Profit share per 1000 MNL tokens: $1.59463
  5. Buy-Back Rate: 0.000052 ETH + $0.00159463 per Token
  6. ETH Value Date: TBA

As per our white paper, the profit share is to be conducted through two mechanisms, namely Token Buy-Back and Distribution:

  1. Token holders may choose to sell back their tokens for the stated price. These tokens will be burned and removed from circulation.
  2. Token holders may also choose to retain their tokens, and simply collect their share of the distribution.

Pre-Sale token holders have been awarded special privileges, whereby they have the first option in making their choices. Our Pre-Sale process started on 16 November 2020 and closed successfully on 27 November 2020.

We hereby start the process for all regular token holders who are now requested to make their selections accordingly:

If you wish to keep your MNL tokens and simply receive your profit share, then there is no action required from you. ETH will automatically be airdropped to everybody at the end of the process. You will receive $1.59463 worth of ETH for every 1000 tokens that you hold in your wallet.

If you wish to sell your tokens in our buy-back program, you will be required to complete the below form before 14 December 2020. Once all submissions have been received, they will be processed by the team and confirmation emails sent out. These tokens will be bought back for 0.000052 ETH per token + the profit share of $0.00159463 per Token, and will be settled in ETH.

Should you wish to submit a request for token buy-back, please complete THIS FORM

*Note: Do not complete this form if you do not want to sell back your tokens