Hollywood Uses Bitcoin Blockchain Technology

Hollywood uses bitcoin blockchain technology to distribute films in an attempt to end piracy.

The film “No Postage Necessary” is a romantic comedy about a hacker – is distributed by peer-to-peer video network app ‘Vevue’. The app is run on the most advanced blockchain ‘Qtum’.

The film is written and directed by Jeremy Culver from US production house ‘Two Roads Picture Co’ and is shot on a 35mm film.

Culver was quoted saying;

“We are thrilled to provide movie lovers around the world a brand new way to experience their entertainment by turning the blockchain into a feature film distribution channel.”

He added that even though it’s niche for the film industry, he hopes it will make a difference to the way content is shared and used.

Bitcoin blockchain technology is a shared ledger which is encrypted. It cannot be manipulated and transactions are secure. The technolgy allows anyone to see what and where transactions of money, property or assets are going.

The digital ledger records unique alphanumeric strings that link buyers to sellers and vice versa. This enables safe and transparent payment processes on bitcoin blockchain technology.

According to Culver, it’s advantageous as there is proof of ownership, transparent royalty payments and no duplication – preventing movies to be pirated.

The film is a story about a cynical computer hacker played by George Blagden of Vikings and Black Mirror fame. Sam (the hacker)steals mail posing as a postal worker.

Sam then comes across a heartfelt letter written by a marines widower called Josie. Sam is is intrigued and sets out to meet Josie. She warms up to him only to be met by FBI agents looking for missing bitcoins.

Score composer and production team member, Closshey, says she and the team saw the advantages around the title as soon as they read the script.

She said that, although the film makes light of misguided cyber genius who can hack multi-billion dollar corporation within minutes – these types of technological developments are part of everyone’s everyday life.

Culver is hoping that the film will go viral due to blockchain reward of a ‘Vevue token’ given to film viewers who upload film review after they leave the cinema.

Culver added that the technology hasn’t been ready and there wasn’t a platform to support the vision. He noted the serendipity of a film about bitcoin released on the blockchain being first of its kind. He concluded that “innovation creates its own timing”.

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