Profit Share Announcement – 2020

Profit Share Period28 Nov'19 - 31 Dec'20
Date of Wallet-Holder Snapshot03 Nov'20
Eligible Tokens (MNL)23,630,239.565
Profit Share from Period$188,053.39
Other Profit Share$29,551.54
Total Profits to be Distributed$217,604.93
Est. Subscribed Buy-Back Amount $88,857.58
Est. Avg. Value per 1,000 MNL in Buy-Back Round$183.48
Est. Remaining Amount for Distribution$128,747.35
Est. Profit Share Rate per Remaining 1,000 MNL $5.56


  1. Dummy Tokens will be airdropped to all wallet holders after the buy-back rounds have been completed
  2. A smart contract address will be published on our website, to which users must transfer the dummy-tokens.
  3. The smart contract will automatically and instantly return the corresponding amount of ETH to the senders’ wallet.
  4. The smart contract will stop accepting transactions 90 days after its commencement, and all remaining dummy-tokens will be permanently frozen.
  5. Therefore, users have 90 days in which to claim their share of the profits.