CoinMarketCap Removes From Its Site

CoinMarketCap removes from its site as from May 6. The largest crypto currency tracking site hadn’t made any announcements about the change, but removed it’s secondary site because of allegedly misleading investors into purchasing BCH instead of BTC.

On May 2 it was noted that was still on CoinMarketCap site as Bitcoin’s second site – according to Internet Archive Wayback Machine. is the only listed website for BTC. is a crypto wallet and media service started by Roger Ver. The digital asset investor turned from BTC to BCH after bitcoin blockchain hard fork that created BCH in August 2017. The site launched a crypto wallet that creates both digital assets accounts of BTC and BCH. Bitcoin Cash is notably the first default option.

At present, still offers customers BCH as first default and BTC as second option – unusually called “Bitcoin Core”, which is the name of Bitcoin’s software client.

A group of BTC customers created a site to raise money to sue on April 27. The lawsuit states that the customers were intentionally mislead into buying BCH instead of BTC. Unfortunately, the organiser announced shortly after that they weren’t able to raise enough to file a lawsuit. The money was refunded to those who contributed.

Meanwhile, former  Wall street executive Michael Novogratz gave his opinion on the BTC and BCH debacle on Twitter. Responding to a tweet from BCH-promoting Twitter handle @Bitcoin Novogratz, he tweeted:

“Enough already, Bitcoin core is BTC. It is a store of value. It is digital gold. It’s market cap dwarfs bitcoin cash”’s CEO is still promoting BCH as a preferred currency and stating on Twitter that it’s a “better store of value” than bitcoin. updated their block explorer page and removed anything suggestive of BCH being the real Bitcoin. is being gunned by crypto investors after it made confusing alterations to its site – naming BTC as “bitcoin core” and BCH as “bitcoin”.

Other cryptocurrency trackers refer to BTC as “bitcoin” and BCH as “bitcoin cash”. This understanding is shared by many crypto enthusiasts, except the BCH bunch.

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