CoinDesk Consensus 2018 Triples

CoinDesk Consensus 2018 triples in size since last year’s event. Since Bitcoin’s price surge in 2017, the amount of attendees at the annual crypto conference has increased exponentially.

Around 8,500 will be attending CoinDesk Consensus 2018 in New York City this week – according to CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert.

The amount of attendees has tripled to that of last year’s conference. Tickets are around $2,000 – seeing $17 million in ticket sales this year. Late admissions will be $3,000 a ticket.

Consensus attendee Jeff Denton, senior director of global secure supply chain at AmerisourceBergen, Philadelphia exclaimed:

“I’ve never seen anything like this for registration. I’ve been on line for an hour”

Denton went on to explain that although expensive, it is the largest one in the U.S., and is hopeful that it brings value for money. Denton ‘s company is very keen on blockchain technology and how it can be utilised in healthcare industries.

The crowd was so large on Monday morning, it reportedly took CNBC reporter 75 minutes to get her entrance badge.

Jacob Donnelly, marketing director at CoinDesk apologised for any delays as CoinDesk Consensus 2018 had receive overwhelming interest as it’s the largest blockchain focused event held in the U.S., and they are working at reducing the wait time.

Bitcoin saw gains above $2,000 during last year’s conference. The digital asset skyrocketed late 2017, reaching $19,000 in December. Bitcoin has since seen losses of more than half it’s value this year and is trading at $8,746.92 at time of writing.

There are twenty other events with high ticket prices around Consensus as part of “Blockchain Week NYC” in partnership with New York Economic Development Corporation.

Ronnie Moas, head of Standpoint market research company commented that it is a bit chaotic and that they sold too many tickets.

“Everyone is here. A lot of the top 100 crypto names are here. The developers are here”

Moas predicts that bitcoin will triple to $28,000 by end of 2019 and paid $2,999 for his ticket to the event.

CEO of Bitmex, Arthur Hayes showed up at the event in a Lambhorgini Huracan.

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