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About Us

The MoonLite Project is beginning its journey in Iceland, where we will operate our first industrial scale crypto-mining data center, which is rated at 21 Mega-Watts. We have an aggressive growth & mining strategy, and plan to expand our footprint by constructing more large scale mining facilities in the near future, all while utilizing 100% green & sustainable energy in all of our operations.

Moonlite enjoys a contractual supply of the cleanest energy available at a multi-year fixed rate agreement, and by being located in a cool Icelandic climate, do not need to provide for extensive cooling infrastructure, while maintaining high operational efficiency.

We have the best operational team and executives to oversee and maintain effective operations throughout all of our facilities, and have employed a highly experienced board of advisers to assist us in delivering on our goals. By combining this with a number of emergent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and custom sophisticated algorithms, we will be able to maximize profits and efficiency.

The Moonlite Project aims to be, in time, one of the larger crypto-mining operations globally.

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