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November 28, 2017


<ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a model of crowdfunding that allows us to swap MNL tokens for Ethereum. Each Token will entitle its holder to voting rights over operational aspects of our company, and is redeemable along with a profit share in our token buy-back system 

The ICO launches on 28 February 2018 at 12:00 GMT and ends on 15 March 2018 at 12H00 GMT

Our ‘About’ section briefly describes our Project, but you can find more details in our Whitepaper :

3% Bounty, 5% team, 5% developers and advisers, 17% Presale, and 70% of the issued Tokens to be sold during the actual Token Swap Campaign

Phase 1: Ends at 23:59 GMT on 31 January 2018

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH to qualify for the 100% token bonus. Any amounts less than 0.5 ETH will still receive their tokens, but will receive a 50% token bonus

Phase 2: Ends at 00H00 GMT on 01 March 2018

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH 

Main ICO: Ends at 12H00 GMT on 15 March 2018

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH

You can make your contribution quickly, easily and securely via our Sales Portal 


Phase 1: 100-300% Token Bonus (01 December 2017 to 31 January 2018) – View the bonus structure here

Phase 2: 100% Token Bonus (28 February 2018 at 23:59 GMT)

Phase 3: 0% token bonus (ICO ends on 15 March 2018 at 12H00 GMT) 

Should you be interested in contributing, please visit our Sales Portal, or view our Contributor Info Pack

You may also contact us on investors@moonlite.io 

The only Moonlite tokens in circulation will be the ones created during the token creation Phase. No tokens will be created after our ICO

Due to the nature of the business and many variables such as mining difficulty and currency valuations, the ROI may vary. For now, you can take a look at our business model and Whitepaper. This will help you understand the vision of our operations, while the actual profitability of the business will depend on the number size and numbers of our data centre’s as a result of our ICO and growth plans. Financial results will be published each quarter.

Visit our Tokensale Bounty page for more info here

During the ICO, a maximum of 70,000,000 tokens is available. This will be sufficient to capitalize our operation

After the ICO, the token will be listed on public cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides trading at will, each token holder will be able to sell any amount of tokens they wish (provided you own them) on the MoonLite buyback program at the current market value + the equivalent of their share of 35% of the corporate Net Profits. 

MoonLite Tokens (MNL) 

MoonLite presents an opportunity to hold a token in a new-generation, industrial scale cryptomining operation that is focused on efficiency by employing Artificial Intelligence and Custom Algorithms, and profitability by using low cost and clean energy sources.

MoonLite hopes to raise between USD20m and USD30m – The proceeds will be distributed according to the distribution graphs contained within the whitepaper

Certainly, MoonLite is committed to 100% full transparency with token holders and the public at large. We have a dedicated communications team, who will keep everybody up-to-date using mailing lists and a number of social media channels (see footer of our web site).

All token holders will be invited to the official launch of our first data center, and will qualify for a free guided tour of our facilities.

Our financial statements will be published for all to see every 6 months.

We have a token holder voting system (secure.vote) that will be used to allow token holders to vote using their smart phone’s on any and all company issues, such as directors, executives, expansion plans, branding – you name it, you can vote for it. All results will be instant, and will be published.

All un-allocated tokens will be burned, therefore removed from circulation

We recommend the ‘MyEtherWallet’ ETH wallet – we have published a how-to guide on creating a secure MEW wallet

MNL will be sent automatically to the ETH wallet used for the purchase, or your nominated ETH wallet address. Do not send any funds from your exchange wallet, use only an official ETH wallet. We recommend the use of ‘MyEtherWallet” and have published a how-to guide on setting up your MEW wallet. 

Unfortunately, US citizens and residents are not allowed to participate in the ICO due to US Securities Law restrictions. We respect all country laws in all locations we operate, and urge you to obtain more information regarding specific financial laws in your jurisdiction.

You can only participate in the ICO if you are neither a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States, nor have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territories of the United States.

We can accept the following forms of contribution in the pre-swap phase via our Sales Portal:

Visa & Master Card ; Bitcoin ; Bitcoin Cash ; Ethereum ; DASH ; Litecoin ; Ripple

We can however only accept ETH once the main sale opens on 28 February 2018,

If you are not already set up with a wallet such as ‘MyEtherWallet’ our investor desk can facilitate your token purchase using our Contributor Desk option. This is a free service where our team purchases your MNL tokens on your behalf after receiving your contribution/s via the options offered on our Sales Portal

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions link here

You will be able to buy and sell MNL tokens on the Ether Delta Exchange 


1) Ownership of an appreciating asset, which is freely tradable on public exchanges
2) An awesome token buyback structure that repeats every 6 months – see our White Paper
3) Repurchased tokens are burned, and therefore the value of remaining tokens is ever increasing
4) Voting over all operational aspects using secure.vote
5) Team tokens are in lock-up for 6 months

MoonLite will place a buy order on the public exchanges for MNL tokens every 6 months, within 4 weeks of publically publishing our financial statements. MNL tokens will be re-purchased at the current market rate + the tokens’ share of the equivalent 35% of the corporate Net Profits for the period.

Yes, the first token buy back will be held 12 months into operations and will be a ‘closed buy-back offer’, made available to pre-swap contributors only. Should there be any remaining funds allocated for this ‘buy-back,’ the purchase offer will be made available to all contributors on the public exchanges.

If you are interested in investing in our pre-swap, click here for more information 

You are welcome to make a contribution to our project . You may navigate to our sales portal, where you can quickly and easily contribute to our project by using many different payment methods:

  1. Visa / Master Card
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Bitcoin Cash
  4. Ethereum
  5. DASH
  6. Litecoin
  7. Ripple

For all the info you require on making your Pre-Swap contribution, please see our Contributor Pack